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Scots Awricht, am Cobra!. Am a body fae Scotland wi Italian roots. A wis born an raised in Glesga, tho nou bide in North Lanarkshire nou. Am mad intae collectin auld tech an media, playin gemms an watchin fillums, an am tryin tae pit thegither ma ain!

Gàidhlig Halò, is mise Cobra!, a Glaschu, ach tha mi a' fuireach ann an Siorrachd Lannraig a Tuath a-nise. Is toil leam gu mòr cànain agus tha mi ag iarraidh a h-uile iad ag ionnsachadh! Bidh mi a' dèanamh geamaichean agus filmichean, cuideachd.

Italiano Ciao, mi chiamo Cobra!, da Glasgow, ma abito in North Lanarkshire adesso. Ho famiglia in Italia. Sono ossessionat dalle lingue, e ne voglio imparare tutte! Faccio dei giochi e film, anche.

アイヌイタㇰ イランカラㇷ゚テ。コプラ!クネ。スコットラント オロワ クエㇰ。スコットラントイタㇰ ヘㇺヘㇺ ケルイタㇰ ヘㇺヘㇺ アメリカイタㇰ ヘㇺヘㇺ イタリアイタㇰ クイタㇰ。アイヌイタㇰ ポンノ クエラムアン。ケム ヘㇺヘㇺ モイモイケノカハ クキ。

Northumbrian Areet. Mee nyem's Cobra!, frem Glasgow, but aa live in Nuth Lanarkshire noo. Aa's varra inte lenguches an want te larn them aal! Aa's a native in Scots an English, an aa's larnin Scottish Gaelic, Nuthumbyren, Italian, Neapolitan an Ainu. Aa myek games an short films an aal.

English Hello, I'm Cobra!, from Glasgow but I now live in North Lanarkshire. I am obsessed with languages and want to learn them all! I'm a native in Scots and Scottish English, learning Gaelic and Italian. I also make games and films.

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Quick Facks

Real Name: Not telling you!
From: Glasgow, Scotland
Lives in: North Lanarkshire, Scotland
Age: 27
Biological Sex: Male
Gender: Non-Binary (He/They)
Orientation: Asexual
Native languages: Scots and English
Languages I'm learning: Italian (B2/C1), Scottish Gaelic (A2), Neapolitan (A1), Ainu (N5)
Cat or Dog Person? Yes
Mac or PC? Linux

I will be 11000 days old on Saturday September 21st, 2024
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I am 191 centimeters tall. This makes me taller than 94.1% of men and 99.9% of women.

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