Scottish Amiga Users Group - Apryle 2024

20t Apryle 2024

On Seturday, a went tae a Scots Amiga Uisers meetup. It wis awfy interestin, an braw tae see aw the Amiga haurdwaur as weel as bein able tae tawk tae fowk aboot auld tech an be unnerstuin! A'v taen some photies o the event wi ma Mavica.

A fun oot durin the meetup thit the person ahint Terriblefire, a faur ben expansion caird fur the Amiga CD32, bies in Glesga, 30 minute awa fae me. A fun this oot acause a wis wantin tae convert ma CD32 intae a fou blawn an fully expandit Amiga computer a can uise tae mess aboot wi an try ma haund at Amiga game dev, bit the Terriblefire isnae compatible wi ony backplates that let ye uise an external floppy drive, an thay says tae me thit gin we're needin, thay coud git in contact wi thaim tae sort that oot. That's a route a coud gang doun.

A got a free CRT oot o this an aw! Someb'dy wis leukin tae git rid o't cause thay haed ower mony. It leuks an wirks better n' ma auld nae-name CRT, an kin ootpit NTSC video! Here's a photie o't!