Rossies 2.5D Dev log

I've decided to do a wee dev log of this game I'm doing for The E1M1 Game Jam called "Rossies 2.5D", which is a 2.5D remake of Rossies Classic, as you might imagine. It is being made using Raycast Game Maker, as is required by the jam

I'm going to reuse some assets from the most-likely-cancelled-but-not-sure-yet Rossies 3D, convert them into sprites for use with the engine, and make a Rossies 2.5D

31st May 2021

I just started off importing some of the old textures and making a random sample map. I think it looks okay?

1st June 2021

I opened up the old Kruncanite model, and imported some animations from Operation: Pinkeye, and renedered them to use as sprites for this game. I also imported the shotgun.

They need some cleaning up, though.