Rossies Classic PS1 Development Blog

Here is my dev blog for the PS1 port of Rossies Classic, my entry for the 32-bit Jam. I'm doing it in English to make it understandable for other members of the jam.

To make this, I'm using the PSYQ SDK and following these tutorials to get me started.

Friday, 23rd October 2020

I finally got something to show! I only have a week to come up with something playable, but the simple nature of the game means I could probably whip something up by then!

Saturday, 24th OCtober 2020

I got the Kruncanite sprite to kind of show, though I can't make the bakground transparent.

I also discovered another potential issue: I can't seem to do more than one instance of a sprite. The position values and such are tied to the sprites themselves...

Tuesday, 27th October 2020

I added shooting functionality. I have no animations, but I made it so that if you press X, it checksa for collision to the Kruncanite, and changes it's position if it's colliding

Saturday, 31st October 2020

A made the Kruncanite positons randomise when you shoot it, and gave the gun a cooler so it can only be shot every half second. I also added sound effects.

I also tried to add a title screen and a background, but neither really rendered correctly.

and that's the game submitted to the 32-bit jam. I wasn't able to finish or polish it in any way, but I at least got something in. Enjoy, I guess.

I'll leave thie blog open so I can expand and finish this one day, but for now, bye!