Dream Journal!

Monanday - 12t Julie 2021

A wis watchin/starin in a telly drama aboot sentient tomataes thit kin transform intae whitiver thay need tae tae survive. Wis in Scots. Wis missin hauf the series onwab.

A wis playin a 3D NES fichter wi someb'dy. an a wis awweys beatin thaim wi a ninja wi a sword, nae maiter whit a did.

Friday - 9t October 2020

A wis in America, an we made wir wey back tae Scotlann. Wir ship got attackit bi anither, an thay war at war. Wir ship wis sinkin, we haed tae git oot at a port, bit a forgot tae git ma stuff, an thay went doun wi the ship...

Seturday - 10t October 2020

A wis in 'is gemm whaur a haed tae play died fur someb'dy?

Sunday - 11t October 2020

A wis brousin aboot NeoCities, than got up fae ma desk an tae the sittin room, whaur my brither fun oot hou tae archive auld interactive TV gemms. (Ken, the yins thit ye got fae pushin red on the remote?).

Ed deed in Ed, Edd n Eddy an aw...

Friday - 6t November 2020

A attends a schuil dedicatit tae teachin Ainu, whaur the heid teacher dees, an than the nixt yin implements Soviet Communism, than he dees an aw, an the nixt yin daes a North Korea style rule.

Than a went aboot the city, an wis taskit wi a míssion tae git massel drunk an jimp in a motor wi 2 fowk tae a rich hoose tae shoot fowk doun, than a realises the path this wis tae lead iz, an a rins awa, bit no wioot the ithers tryin tae shuit iz doun. A swims across some watter on 'e ither wide o the hoose, tae a public park, whaur wan o'aim tried tae batter iz wi thair neives, an a fichts back.