Dream Jurnal!

Seturday - 10t Dizember 2021

A wis wunnerin aboot a series o basements in fowk's hooses, fun wan wi a girl a liked, an than saw suhin advertised fur the "Weed Web - The Alternative Web 2.0".

Thursday - 27t August 2021

A wis prer preasurt intae smeukin a vape, an got heich fae it.

Tuesday - 26t October 2021

A wis watchin a Spiderman film wi Tom Holland an Tobey Maguire in é same uiniverse, an thay travel wi Homer Simpson tae anither dimension.

Tuesday - 5t October 2021

We war sent on a mission tae Africa, an we traiveled tae wi bikes an motors made fae modified exercise machines. Then we stairtit tae explore a temple an saw a cage fou o angert monkies. A went back tae wir base an than heard the ither 2 fowk a wis wi hiv bin ett bi the monkeys, than a vomittit in the toilet fur like 5 minute, an than a ran awa durin an eclipse, whaur a wis chased bi anither team memmber wi a katana, juist tae fun it was a fake.

Sunday - 22nd August 2021

A wis in Afgahnistan, an a fund the enemies' leader, an a killt him wi a knife. A stairtit regrettin it an got hate fur it.

Friday - 20t August 2021

A wis waitin on a bus somewhaur wi a mate, an saw a girl a uised tae fancy sittin thare, an wis dared tae tawk tae her. A did, an she was awricht wi tawkin tae me, an we war chattin, a went tae whaur she was headin, an we stairtit tae bond, cuddle, an hiv sex (a hink?), but than a fun oot she haed a boyfriend, s' a steyed awa, until a fun oot the boyfriend wis uisin her, s' we managed tae convince her tae dump him, says she wisnae interestit in datin. S' a drove awa.

She cawed me an asked gin a wis intae her. A says a wis an says she unnerstauns, bit disnae feel the same wey.


A wis playin a spin-aff o Bart vs. The Space Mutants featurin Nelson's son on a PS1 Demo Disc. Than a played a racing game, an a series o minigames, maistly racing, but coudna git past thaim.

Wadnesday - 11t August 2021

We war on a sea port, g'in somewhaur (cannae mynd whaur), an we saw Northern Ireland across the sea, bit coudnae git intae it, an than we saw Ed, Edd n Eddy an thay war daein a wan aff return special episode or suhin.

Than we war waitin at a hospital chackpynt hing ahint 2 auld, disabled fowk, an we war impatient, an jamp throu the windae, an the nurses thare made fun o the fack we war Scottish, an a awmaist hit thaim. Than we escaped oot the windae, an saw ma bawdrins, Piccolo, follae us.

Than we war leukin at the feenisht Operatioun: Pinkeye gemm, an a scrappit it, cause it wisnae the wan executable, an we ware argiein ower it.

Monanday - 12t Julie 2021

A wis watchin/starin in a telly drama aboot sentient tomataes thit kin transform intae whitiver thay need tae tae survive. Wis in Scots. Wis missin hauf the series onwab.

A wis playin a 3D NES fichter wi someb'dy. an a wis awweys beatin thaim wi a ninja wi a sword, nae maiter whit a did.

Friday - 9t October 2020

A wis in America, an we made wir wey back tae Scotlann. Wir ship got attackit bi anither, an thay war at war. Wir ship wis sinkin, we haed tae git oot at a port, bit a forgot tae git ma stuff, an thay went doun wi the ship...

Seturday - 10t October 2020

A wis in 'is gemm whaur a haed tae play died fur someb'dy?

Sunday - 11t October 2020

A wis brousin aboot NeoCities, than got up fae ma desk an tae the sittin room, whaur my brither fun oot hou tae archive auld interactive TV gemms. (Ken, the yins thit ye got fae pushin red on the remote?).

Ed deed in Ed, Edd n Eddy an aw...

Friday - 6t November 2020

A attends a schuil dedicatit tae teachin Ainu, whaur the heid teacher dees, an than the nixt yin implements Soviet Communism, than he dees an aw, an the nixt yin daes a North Korea style rule.

Than a went aboot the city, an wis taskit wi a míssion tae git massel drunk an jimp in a motor wi 2 fowk tae a rich hoose tae shoot fowk doun, than a realises the path this wis tae lead iz, an a rins awa, bit no wioot the ithers tryin tae shuit iz doun. A swims across some watter on 'e ither wide o the hoose, tae a public park, whaur wan o'aim tried tae batter iz wi thair neives, an a fichts back.