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My name is Cobra!. I make games and films for new and old formats. This site is a personal one where I just put whatever.

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30th December 2020 - Beat em up retrospective

I've started doing a retrospective on Co-Op Beat 'em ups with a friend, you can keep track of my experiences here.


22nd December 2020 - We won an N64 homebrew contest!

So I entered a N64 Game Jam, teaming up with a programmer and composer and we made a game called Telocation: Gemini, and we ended up winning the whole thing! We got £160 prize money each! We're planning a wee physical run and translating it into several languages! We also have a page on speedrun.com!


8th October 2020 - New Reviews Page

I'm starting to transfer reviews I've done to my wordpress blog to here, and giving each page their own look and personality! Check them out!


5th October 2020 - Did a site overhaul

Inspired by the sites I've seen browsing around NeoCities, I changed the layout of the sites something more... fitting?


4th October 2020 - Added multilingualism

I added a menu to let the user change languages, which is just Scots and English right now. I'm going to focus on Scots, mostly, but you will see the occasional update here, too.


2nd October 2020 - September Scots Wikipedia Edithon Results

The September Scots Wiki Editathon is over, and I think all things considered (The heat from the controversey dying off, doing the event on a weekday, and we had no AWB tasks to do), I think it went well!

I hope we can do more, though maybe on a weekend next time!

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25th September 2020 - Site Launched!

I just found out about NeoCities and wanted to make a site resembling the sites from my childhood!

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