Whit haivers is 'is? Gie 'is an 'is a read!

Walcome tae ma wabsite!

Och, a see ye'v fun ma site! Walcome!

Ma name's Cobra!. A pit thegither gemms an fillums fur new an aulder formats. 'Is site is a personal yin whaur a juist pit whitiver a feel like.

Ta fur 6,000 visit!

Playin: Among Us [PC], Space Station Silicon Valley [N64], Ratchet and Clank 2 [PS2]

Watchin: Robotica, Giappolia TV, Japan Day in the Life Series

Listenin tae: Japanese Anime Themes

Lairnin: Gàidhlig, アイヌイタㇰ, Italiano, 沖縄口

NEW31st Dizember 2020 - 2020 year retrospective!

A did a 2020 year retrospective, chack it oot!


27t Dizember 2020 - Reboot gemm review nou up!

A finally got ma hauns on the Reboot gemm fur Christenmas, played throu it, an hiv gien ma thochts on the Reboot review page!


22nd Dizember 2020 - We won an N64 homebrew contest!

A entered an N64 Gemm Jam, teamin up wi a programmer an upmaker an we pit thegither a gemm cawed Telocation: Gemini, an we ended up winnin the hale hing! We got £160 prize money each! We'r howpin tae hiv a wee physical run an pittin it intae twa-three leid, includin Scots an Gaelic! We hive a page on speedrun.com, an aw!


14t Dizember 2020 - Scots Wikipedia Dizember Editathon Results!

The Dizember Scots Wiki Editathon is duin, here ur the results:

14 Airticle Made - 164 Editit - 280 total edits - 14 editor - 65.6k data pit in - 162 viewed

8t October 2020 - New Reviews Page

A decidit tae stairt dae reviews on 'is site. Am watchin throu ReBoot, an will dae a review o't in Scots thare!

The nou, am pittin ower some reviews a did in Ingels ontae 'is site. It's pure easy an quick tae dae, sae a'll pit ower aw ma umwhile reviews thare!


5t October 2020 - Gied the site a wee mak-ower

A chynged the layoot o the site, inspirt bi sites av seen aboot NeoCities.


4t October 2020 - Pit in multilingualism

A pit in the ability fur uisers tae chyse whit leid ye kin see the site in. A ken thit a said a wis juist gaun'ae dae the site in Scots, bit a wis wintin tae shaw 'is site tae internaitional freends an aw, an haed tae pit thegither an Ingels version fur 'at.

Scots is still gaun'ae be ma main focus, still, bit, dinnae fash!


2nd October 2020 - September Scots Wikipedia Edithon Results

The September Scots Wiki Editathon is duin, an a hink aw hings considert (The heat fae the controversey deein aff, daein the event on a weekday, an we haed nae AWB tasks tae dae), a hink it went weel!

Am howpin we kin dae mair! Mibbie on a weekend nixt time, tho!

45 Airticle Made - 321 Editit - 647 total edits - 14 editor - 123k data pit in - 367 viewed - 2 media uploadit

27t September 2020 - Duin 'e "aboot iz" page!

A'v updatit 'e aboot iz page, pit in aw the information am gaun'ae gie oot, an pit in a hale wheen o gifs an aw! :P

A made a stairt on fillin oot the Portfolio page, shawin aff iverhing a'v duin. It's juist got hamebew gemm projects on it the nou, but thare's mair tae come!


25t September 2020 - Site Launched!

A juist fun oot anent NeoCities, an wis excitit tae pit thegither a new wabsite styled like the yins a uised tae see in ma bairnheid!

Am gaun'ae dae aw 'is in Scots, wi mibbie some Gàidhlig, Italian, or whitiver leids a lairn here an thare. Thare ur ower mony sites oot thare in Ingels, sae nae pynt in juist blendin in. Mony Ingels spikkers kin unnerstaun Scots, aither wey.

Ma (onwab) Bawdrins