A'v wirkit on a guid few hings in ma life, an still am! A'll shaw yese whit a kin git thegither.





Here ur some stuff a'v duin fur aulder consoles.


A'v bin playin aboot wi the Simulant gemm ingine. It's an awfy uiser-freendly ingine, an haes an awfy lot o potential! It juist isnae quite thare yet, tho.

Tae stairt wi, a pit the model o massel fae Pinkeye intae the ingine, an it wirked first time!

A went on tae mak a wee demo fur a game jam a didnae enter in the end, cause a wis awready busy wi 2 mair gemms, but a got it wirkin on real haurdware!


A spent a weekend lairnin YABASIC fur PS2, an made a coople o wee hings fur it


Aw a'v duin wi the Nuon sae faur is thit a got programs tae compile an display text.


A did models fur Telocation: Gemini, thit turnt oot tae be a big success! It e'en haes a speedrun.com page!


A'm wirkin wi Goldeneye Setup Editor, a tuil fur moddin Goldeneye, tae help iz pit thegither Pinkeye. A micht pit oot an N64 version efter a dae the PC/Max/Linux yin. Here's a coople o Pinkeye levels rinnin Goldeneye


A'v lairnt a PS1 SDK an hiv made a wee Rossies Classic Demo on it

Sega Saturn

A portit Rossies Classic tae the Sega Saturn, an made a wee 3D hing wi the same ingine a uised tae port Rossies

Game Boy

A wis involved wi pittin thegither Midnight Mansion fur the Black an White Game Boy


A portit Rossies Classic tae DOS

DVD Gemms

A pit thegither a DVD gemm oot o the Steamed Hams meme:

Blu-Ray (BD-J/Blu-Play)

A lairnt hou tae code a gemm fur Blu-Ray throu IntelliJ, got a "hello world" program tae wirk on a real Blu-Ray player.

A'v bin playin wi mibbie portin Rossies Classic tae BD-j an aw.