Leukback on 2020

Hooh-boy! This wis quite the year, wis it no? 2020 haes been hell fur a hale wheen o fowk, an maist cannae see the warld endin bein ony worse. Hounaiver, a load o braw stuff happent tae iz this year, an ma life haes bin chyngin in guid weys an aw! Am gaun'ae git throu some o the relevant events happenin 'is year, a personal hings wi massel.

Global Events

Brexit (Wairn: Politics)

On the 31st Januar, the UK left the EU, draggin Scotland oot an aw, desite no wan o wir auiries votin fur it. A went tae an event whaur we mourned wir time in the EU whan it struck midnicht.

Nou, am no a big fan o the EU, especially efter the Copyricht Directive bein pit throu, bit thay still treatit us better n' the UK daes, an speakin democratic-like, we didnae vote tae lea', but we'r oot onywey, cause Ingland an Wales did. See gin ma support fur independence wisnae heich enouch as it wis, it turnt e'en heicher efter 'at.


Richt, lat's git the elephant in 'e room oot the wey. A massive pandemic happened, the hale warld went intae lockdoun. Fur the first coople o months, a didnae hink it wis that big o an event. The media luved tae play up ither viruses, sic as the Swine Flu an Ebola, an naething came fae thaim. A thocht, like prolly mony fowk, thit this wad be the same

Than the lockdouns oothrou the warld stairtit, thoosands upon thoosands war deein an it was spreidin faster n' a sexual allegation agin a Youtuber. Thon wis whan a realised thit this wis the real deal.

Like maist fowk, the lockdoun wisnae easy fur me. No cause a git oot much, but cause a coudnae. A didna realise hou much a realised a went oot until the lockdouns. A dinnae feel close tae ma faimlie, sae a hivnae haed ony real interactions fur maist o the year, an it didnae dae ma mental health ony favours.

Whit gits tae me mair, tho, wis thit we wad hae bin oot suiner gin fowk didnae act selfish an glaikit, an flauntit the rules. Ivertime a saw someb'dy no distancin or wearin a mask proper, an it happent a lot, a got pure annoyed!

Lucky-like, we hivnae caucht the virus yet, but am feart that we will afore we git the vaccine, cause o eijits no follaein lockdoun rules...

Trump's oot the White Hoose (Wairn: Politics)

The US election haes happent, an tae ma, an prolly mony ithers', surpríse, Joe Biden won, an it wis beautiful seein Trump supporters cope haurd wi it an deny reality!

That said, am no siccart thit Joe Biden is gaun'ae be a guid president, but he's gaun'ae at least be better n' Trump, tho that widnae be sayin much.

Yer job isnae job duin yet, nae time tae rest, yese need to keep pushin fur mair progressive policies an impruive yer lives!

Personal Events

Pinkeye's media kivverage an popularity surge

A'v bin wirkin haurd on Pinkeye aw year, an it's bin peyin aff. Fae gittin kivverage on a news site, tae gittin a cameo appearance on a big RetoFPS stream tae bein featurt on a pheesical magazine! Ma Twitter follaers are still g'in up an aw (or at least ma Ingels accoont is.), wi aw ma Tweets gittin plenty o interactions! 300 follaers across 3 acoonts micht no seem like much in the grand scale, but tae iz, it's big, an it's still grawin!

Scots Wikipedia Editathons

Yese prolly ken aboot the hale Scots Wikipedia stooshie, aboot hou the admins o the Wikipedia didnae ken a lot o Scots at aw, an uised a Dictionar as an owersetter. A wis freends wi the admin thit wis targittit the maist, an wantit tae dae somehing tae help oot. A decidit tae dae an editathon-like event. A telt Michael Dempster aboot it on Twitter, since he DMed me on 'at day, he liked it, an it aw teuk aff. Wan hing led tae anither, an a endit up tawkin tae someb'dy wirkin fur Wikimedia, an we made it an offícial event!

Ma Twitter acoonts an Discord server blew up in popularity, an 'e events hiv endit up pittin us on 'e Scots language map. Some fowk ken me fur it, onywey. A wis e'en interviewed fur a documentary!

Telocation: Gemini

A wis involved in an N64 gemm jam. A did models an owersettins fur Telocation: Gemini, an the gemm turnt oot tae be a smash hit! It endit up winnin the hale hing, we got £160 prize money each! The gemm haes a page on Speedrun.com an aw! Thare's a wee phísical rin g'in oin an aw!

Northumbrian Language Community

This is a wee hing, bit a stairtit a Northumbrian Language Discord server, an got some fowk interestit in lairnin an promoitin the leid. No much haes happent wi it sae faur, bit it's early days yet!

Kriss Mingle

Massel, a composer an artist pit thegither a (prototeep) visual novel cawed "Kriss Mingle" fur the Sega Saturn fur a 32-bit Gemm Jam an Sega Saturn Development Contest, whaur the player is datin Mall Santas. We didnae git verra faur, bit we haed fun comin up wi the idea an script an sic!


2020 wis pure pish in some ways, but brilliant in ithers! A wis comin intae 2020 like mony fowk hinkin "'Is is gaun'ae be ma year! Am gaun'ae mak it in 'e warld!".
Weel, like iverwan hinking 'at, plans war duin in bi the pandemic, but in 'e end, a hink a achieved ma goal, juist no in 'e wey a wis expectin!

Juist watch, tho! 'Is is juist the stairt! Am gaun'ae dae mair fur the years follaein! 'Is is gaun'ae be ma decade!

A howp 2021 is better fur iverwan n' 2020 wis, tho it wadnae tak muckle effort, wad it?

Onywey, see yese in 2021!

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