A retrospective on 2022

Here we ur, the end o anither year. An the stairt o anither, makkin us closer tae wir demise as a species.

A thocht a'd gie ma thochts on the year an whit a'v achieved.

Bit first, a wee leuk at the warld an naitional events

Warld Events

No that eventfu o a year thit a kin recall, bit thare ur some thit ur notewirthy.

Roushie invadin Ukraine

No much tae say here thit haesnae awready bin said. It's the act o a madman thit's lossin it, an illegally tryin tae annex Ukraine, or at the very least pairts o't. Mony on baith sides deed needlessly, includin a developer fur the S.T.A.A.L.K.E.R. series.

Wan hing thit stuck wi me is the UK Govrenment condemnin it, an sayin thit kintras hiv a richt tae sel-determination.

This is a segway tae...

Scotland cannae haud it's ain referendum

A supreme coort case wis haud on whather or no Scotland kin haud a referndum, an it concludit thit it cannae.

A hink this rulin wanst an fur aw pruives the UK isnae a voluntary uinion, or at least no ony mair

Ye coud argie thit Scotland decidit tae jyne on it's ain free will. A dinnae hink that, but e'en assumin that's the case, it defo isnae ony mair...

A howp the pro-indy camp haes anither plan ootside a de-facto referendum. Itherwise, am seriously hinkin o muivin awa...

Nou on a mair positive note, am gaun'ae pynt oot hings wi ma personal life, an the hings a achieved or got intae.

Personal Life/Achievements

Gittin intae Laserdisc

A minor yin, bit a got a laserdisc player an some laserdisc fillums. A luve it! A juist luve the size o the discs, haundlin thaim, an hear aw the mechanical hings wir aboot inside! 'At's aw, really...

Gittin intae Robotics

Later on in the year, a got intae robotics! Someb'dy a met online boucht me components tae big a robot uisin Arduino. Wi loads o help fae him, a pit it thegither! A lairnt loads, an am no duin yet! A howp thit is juist the sairt...

Spirit Walkers

Fur a Nintendo 64 Game Jam Contest, a did the 3D art fur Spirit Harvest, a horror themed wawkin simulator. We got 3rd place!

Operation: Pinkeye