The Sega Dreamcast

Whit is the Sega Dreamcast?

Ye dinnae ken whit the Dreamcast is? Aw, ye'r in fur a treat! The Sega Dreamcast wis Sega's final console. Pit oot in October 12t 1999 in Europe. It wis the first console tak mak up the 6t generation o the consoles, a generation thit consistit o the PS2, Nuon, Gamecube an Xbox.

The Dreamcast sportit 3 million polygons a second, 1GB o storage wi it's GD-ROMs, an a wee screen on the controller!

Hounaiver, the console, tho it did weel, wisnae enouch tae hain Sega an the siller troubles thay caused thaimsels in the 90s pumpin oot consoles awmaist as aften as thay war gemms! The Dreamcast wis discontinued in 2002, wi the last gemm comin oot aboot Spring 'at time. Sega left the console market, an slawly lost relevance ower time.

Whit's e'en guid aboot it?

The Dreamcast is ma favourite console oot o this era. The gemms librar on the seestem is unmatchit bi oy ither seestem, an the gemms leukit stunnin, especially gin ye'v a VGA adapter tae heeze up the pictur resolution tae 480p! The graphics still leuk braw the day!

Sega war defo pittin aw thay haed intae the console, pittin oot classics left an richt, sic as Craaazy Taxi, Jet Set Radiooooo, Chu Chu Rocket, an Shenmue, as weel as bringin oot ma favourite Sonic gemms, the Sonic Adventure Duology! The soondtracks