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Scots: Awricht, am Cobra!. Am a body fae Scotland wi Italian roots. A wis born an raised in Glesga, tho nou bide in North Lanarkshire nou. Am mad intae collectin auld tech an media, playin gemms an watchin fillums, an am tryin tae pit thegither ma ain!

Gàidhlig: Halò, is mise Cobra!, a Glaschu, ach tha mi a' fuireach ann an Siorrachd Lannraig a Tuath a-nise. Is toil leam gu mòr cànain agus tha mi ag iarraidh a h-uile iad ag ionnsachadh! Bidh mi a' dèanamh geamaichean agus filmichean, cuideachd.

Italiano: Ciao, mi chiamo Cobra!, da Glasgow, ma abito in North Lanarkshire adesso. Ho famiglia in Italia. Sono ossessionat dalle lingue, e ne voglio imparare tutte! Faccio dei giochi e film, anche.

アイヌイタㇰ: イランカラㇷ゚テ。コプラ!クネ。スコットラント オロワ クエㇰ。スコットラントイタㇰ ヘㇺヘㇺ ケルイタㇰ ヘㇺヘㇺ アメリカイタㇰ ヘㇺヘㇺ イタリアイタㇰ クイタㇰ。アイヌイタㇰ ポンノ クエラムアン。ケム ヘㇺヘㇺ モイモイケノカハ クキ。

English: Hello, I'm Cobra!, from Glasgow but I now live in North Lanarkshire. I am obsessed with languages and want to learn them all! I'm a native in Scots and Scottish English, learning Gaelic and Italian. I also make games and films.

Quick Facks

Real Name: No tellin yese!
Fae: Glesga, Scotland
Bides in: North Lanarkshire, Scotland
Age: 26
Biological Sex: Male
Gender: Non-Binary (They/Them)
Orientation: Asexual
Mither Tungs: Scots an Ingels

Ma hobbies

Globe Languages Globe

A pure luve lairnin languages, am finishin aff Italian an lairnin Gaelic the nou.


Languages a speak: Scots (Native), Ingels (Native), Italian (B2/C1), Scots Gaelic (A2), Neapolitan (A1), French (A1), Ainu (N5)

Languages am wintin tae lairn: Nynorn, Lombard, Japanese, Okinawan, Korean, Jeju, Ryukchan, Cantonese, Taiwanese Mandarin, Catalan, Luxembourgish, Polish, Finnish, Basque, Maltese, Greek, Manx, Jamaican Patois, Hawaiian, Hawaiian Pidgin


A like tae dae hamebrew projects nou an again, stuff in Scots/Gaelic maistlins, fur consoles sic as the Dreamcast, Nuon, PS2, N64, Sega Saturn, PS1, DOS, Windows 98, Game Boy (& Color), Pokemon Mini, DVD, BD-j an mair! See: Ma Portfolio


Camera Fillummakkin Camera

A'v been tryin tae git intae fillummakin, daein fillums in Scots/Gaelic. A'v bin pairt o some smaw project as pairt o a meetup group, but naething muckle yet.

CD Collectin stuff CD

A like tae collect gemms, fillums an albums on ony physical media a kin git! Am awfu passionate anent 'at, an sometimes willnae e'en buy somehing gin it's no available in physical form. A feel e'en mair strang anent moddin consoles tae ainly play digital gemms.

Formats a collect fur

Gemm Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux, Dreamcast, Nuon, PS2, Gamecube, Xbox, N64, Sega Saturn, PS1, Atari Jaguar, 3DO, Amiga CD32, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, N-Gage, PSP, PSVita, DS, 3DS, Master System, Mega Drive, SNES, DVD Interactive, Blu-Ray
Fillum Formats: Blu-Ray, DVD, VHS
Muisic Formats: CD, Vinyl, Cassette

Aikido Martial Arts Aikido

A'v bin daein Aikido an Iaido practice fur aboot 2 year nou. It's guid exercise. Am 5t Kyu in Aikido.


Ma Interests

Globe Ither Languages an Culturs Globe

A luve ma kintra's cultur, an it's languages, bit that daesna mean am wan ae thae Nationalists/Jingoists thit hink it's better'n iverywan else's, no ava. A'm pure fascinatit bi ither kintras, (Ay, e'en Ingland an Americae), an luve tawkin tae fowk fae aroon 'e warld, larinin anent thair dialects an the wey thay bide.

Hou kin fowk no wint tae see diversity? Diversity is whit mak's the warld interestin!



A luve tae traivel an aw, an am howpin tae visit ilka kintra afore a dee!

Kintras av visitit: Ingland, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Fraunce, Italy, Vaitcan City, The US (Floridae), Mexico, The Bahamas an Honduras (Roatan)

Aulder Tech

Am mad intae aulder tech an aw. A still watch ma fillums on tape, ma music on CD/tape/vinyl, an tak photies wi film!

A fun digital an streamin pure dreich! Nae jey in watchin a dounlaid baur muive, streams buffer an generally hivin iverhing tak doun tae juist a borin menu! Whaur's the fun in 'at?!

Retro Media

A luve retro gemms an aw. Am no awfy blythe o the wey modern gemms ur pit oot, wi aw the DLC an updates. Am juist wintin the gemm, an 'at's 'at! Ye dinnae see fillums or muisic come oot wi constant patches an updates, dae ye?

No aw modern gemms ur bad, coorse, a'v bin injoyin the Yakauza Kuami gemms, Spongebob Battle for Bikini Botton Rehydrated an Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2, but generally, the industry haes turnt tae crap, imo.

Am mair appen tae modren fillums an music, awtho maist o'aim, new or auld, ur manufacturt crap, bit see in ye ken whaur tae leuk, ye aye fun guid stuff!

Ma tap 10 consoles

  1. VM Labs Nuon
  2. Microsoft Xbox
  3. Nintendo Gamecube
  4. Sony Playstation 2
  5. Atari Jaguar
  6. 3DO
  7. Sony Playstation
  8. Sega Saturn
  9. Nintendo 64
  10. Sega Dreamcast

Ma tap 5 Haunhelds

  1. Sony PS Vita
  2. Game Boy Advance
  3. Nokia N-Gage
  4. Game Boy Color
  5. Sony PSP

Cyber Corporate Aesthetic

Ye'r walcome

Whit am daein wi massel nou

Waitin tae dee

The nou, am daein Higher Gaelic classes at Glesga Kelvin College, an at hame, a pit thegither gemms, an howpful-like fillums in 'e futur, fur Patreon siller.

A try tae sort oot the Scots Wikipedia an host editathons an aw, which came fae the controversey anent the Wiki, an a wantit tae help oot the admins an mak the wiki as a hale better.

Whit am wirkin on 'e nou

Am pittin thegither a gemm cawed Pinkeye, thit's a first person shuiter tak fae Goldeneye set in a warld whaur the UK nivver formed.

A wi a team pittin thegither a gemm fur the PS1/Saturn an DOS fur 2 gemm jams!